South Park : Stick of Truth

Howard Stern once proclaimed himself as the "King of all Media".  While I'm not taking anything away from Howard I think Trey Parker and Matt Stone may be able to make a claim at that title.  The pair have made movies, records, Broadway musicals, TV Shows and Video Games.  

Their most famous creation is South Park which has been on TV since 1997.  This adult cartoon has spawned a movie, records, and video games. If you are not familiar with South Park then this game is not for you.  If you are a casual fan then you will probably enjoy it.  If your more than a casual fan then you will love it and you have to play it.

Being more than a casual fan I decided to buy it and have a go.  I have played other South Park video games and enjoyed them but never felt like they were anything special.  A few just seemed like other games with South Park characters layered on top.  

I won't get into the game play there are plenty of other sites that do that better than I ever could.  If you are looking for that then check out IGN's review.  I will say that the game play is similar to that of a Fall Out or Skyrim but this game plays like a love letter to South Park fans.  It really feels like you are playing an episode of South Park.  There are a lot of call backs from the show in there including side quests to collect underpants and Chinpoko mon but even if you haven't watched every episode of the show you will still enjoy it.

This is definitely not a game for kids but if you are fan of South Park you know it's not a show for kids.  I loved the game my only real complaint is that the story is pretty short.  I was able to play the whole game in about 4 days.  Having played games like Fall Out and Skyrim I imagine there will be some DLC coming out at some point.  If and when that happens they will have my money. 

I think it's time for me to get back to that quite mountain town.

I Finally Played It: Dishonored



Platform:  PC

Hours to Beat The Game:  9 Hours

Achievements Earned on Basic Play Through: 21/80

Score:  8.5

At first I was not going to play Dishonored, because the cover art was not my cup of tea.  By chance I saw a video where it was talking about supernatural side of the game.  I am a sucker for the supernatural.  When I saw Dishonored for 7 dollars, I picked it up. The art design and play reminds me a lot of Bioshock.  The difference is with Bioshock, you can assign each hand a weapon or plasma (magic), and in Dishonored you are limited to just the left hand, as the right hand can only use a sword.  This really does not take away from the game play. As sword play does play a part in the game play (if you choice it to be). One of the options in the game is stealth.  Which I loved, even though I did not think it worked as well as it could have.  The other option is to go on the missions guns blazing.

You play as Corvo, he is the personal body guard for the Princess and her young daughter, princess Emily. The game starts off with you coming back from a visiting the neighboring countries in hopes to find a cure for a plague that is sweeping through the land. As you are talking to the Princess, assassins come out of nowhere, and kill the Princess, and kidnap her daughter.  By the time the guards get there, it appears you are responsible for the death. Fast forward 6 months, and you are in prison, and you are been beaten and asked where Princess Emily is located.  This is where you take control.  I will not get too much into the story, but it is very enjoyable, and the optional side quest really fit the story nicely.  I feel like I still have a lot I could explore with the game.  A ran into a few hiccups here and there, the only major one, was the NPC standing in doorways, that I wanted to go into, and they wouldn’t move. They were areas I was allowed into, as I got into them in other ways.  There were also times, that I was being stealthy, and the enemy AI would see me, and I know there was no way they could have.

Overall this was fantastic game, and is recommended to anyone who likes FPS, with a good story.