Bug Vs. The Evil Dead

Bug Vs. The Evil Dead

My parents were divorced when I was young, and at the age of 12 - 4 years after they split up - my mom brought home a man for me and my siblings to meet.  He was a truck mechanic for Ryder.  However he had a friend that could get VHS tapes on movies that were still in theaters. The first one he brought to our house was Evil Dead 2.  While my brothers and sister were not allowed to watch it (due to the movie being rated R), I was.  Already being a horror movie lover, I fell in love with this movie.  I even played hooky from school the following day and watched it again.

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Monsters the TV Show Coming to DVD

Back in the late 80's I was living with my grandmother, and she worked 2nd shift. So I was usually alone at times, or with my cousin. (who also lived with my grandmother) 

On Saturday nights our local UHF channel would have it "horror" night.  It had several different shows, like Freddys Nightmares, Friday the 13th the series, Billy Bobs Action Theater, and Monsters.

February 25th, the complete Monsters series is coming to DVD for the first time.  You can pre-order it now from Amazon