Harry Houdini with a Dash of Lovecraft

I usually ignore rumors, but according to Deadline, Max Landis (son of John Landis) is working on a script to take on the life of Harry Houdini, but with a twist. What is the twist? It is to be H.P Lovecraft influence.  I am interest.  


However, I do find it funny that Harry Houdini did not believe in ghost, and they may be making his life store with supernatural elements.   


You should also check out the Houdini code. This was a code that he and his wife, Bess, came up with.  It was a code that they would use to prove it was them.  Harry was very much against “mediums” , and this code could  be used to show that “mediums” did not contact him or Bess from the other side.

After Harry’s death, Bess held a séance every Halloween, for 10 years.  She never was able to contact Harry. 

This is where gaming should have been 9 years ago.

I came across the following article .  When I bought a PSP back in 2005 this was the first thing that came to mind.  A few years later when smart phones really caught on with consumers I was shocked that this didn't exist.  Well here we are in 2014 and maybe by summer we will finally reach the promise of playing a video game anywhere we want on any device we choose.  What would be the one game you would want to take with you any time and anywhere?  Discuss!


The Simpsons Lego


The Simpsons are now coming to Legos! How awesome is that? Reference 71006, the Lego Simpsons home set looks awesome. Looking at the back of the box shows the house open.



 It looks to have some awesome stuff. I see some stop motion sofa gags incoming.

ku-xlarge (1).jpg