Elvis Presley - One Night With You (song of the day)

"One Night" is a song written by Dave Bartholomew, Pearl King, and Anita Steiman. The song was originally written and recorded under the title "One Night (Of Sin)," and had been a hit for Smiley Lewis.

 Elvis recorded a version of the song in its original form on January 18, 1957. The record company and Elvis’ manger had some concern about the lyrics of the song. This version would finally get released in 1983. 

Elvis loved the song and did not give up on it. He played with the song in his spare time on the set of Loving You, and he rewrote the lyrics that he felt were holding the song captive.  

Elvis went to Radio Recorders in Los Angeles, on February 23, 1957, with the new lyrics in hand, he knew neither the record company nor his manager could say anything.

Released as a single in October 1958 and peaked at No. 4 on Billboard's singles chart.