Nude by Radiohead (song of the day)

Todays song of the day is Nude by Radiohead.  This is one of my favorite Radiohead songs.  It was released in March 2008, on the album In Rainbows.  This album was the first album to be released by a major artist, with a pay what you want model.  Radiohead set up a website, and let their fans decide how much to pay for the album.  It was extremely successful.  However, that is not the cool thing about this song.  The song has actually been floating around since 1997, it was written during the OK Computer days. It however never made it on the album. Instead it was played live, and was called Big Idea, because the band really did not have a name for it. It was taken from the opening line of the song “Don’t get any big ideas” You can also hear the song on the video Meeting People is Easy, which documents the bands OK Computer Tour.

Here is an early version of the song. (on a side note, if you are like MJ, you may not want to watch this.)

In April of 2008, this single became the second biggest hit in Radioheads career, after Creep.

Another fun fact: Radiohead has several other songs that have never been officially recorded or released, but played live often, including True Love Waits, which does make an appearance on the live album I Might Be Wrong.