'Jewelarchon Gaming' Blog Shows Love for Nintendo & Early Days of Gaming

Shortly after posting my previous post regarding the Wii U, I discovered a blog created by a gamer who shares my nostalgia for the early days of gaming.  He is also a fan of Nintendo.  If you're a Nintendo fan, or just gaming in general, I recommend that you check it out: Jewelarchon Gaming.

His July 8th post titled Back in the Day, When I was Young captures the same nostalgia that I have for gaming history and Nintendo in general.  Like me, his first experience with  the Mario Bros. was in the game Mario Bros. on an Atari console.  His post also focuses on the fun of gaming, something I also mentioned in my previous post (in my case, because I believe that Nintendo is still the embodiment of fun gaming).

Please note that this post was written immediately following a gaming session of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.