Ramones - Needles and Pins

What happens when you mix Sonny Bono and the Ramones? I will tell you what happens, you get the song of the day, The Ramones version of Needles and Pins. Needles and Pens was written back in 1963 by Sonny Bono and Jack Nitzsche. It was first recorded in the same year by Jackie DeShannon, but only made it to #83 on the charts.

A year later, the The Searchers released the song, and it made it to #3 in the Billboard charts. This song has been covered by many artist


Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers with Stevie Nicks

Willie DeVille

Gary Lewis & the Playboys


The Turtles

Ultima Thule

And was finally perfected by the Ramones. Which is why it is our song of the day.

MC 900 Ft. Jesus - The City Sleeps

Todays song of the day is The City Sleeps by MC 900 Ft. Jesus. I picked this song for a couple of reasons. It is a great song, and the lyrics paint a story.  The story of a pyromaniac that sets fires while the city sleeps. And lastly, I picked the this song because U2 picked this song.  The opening of this song, was sampled by U2 and used on the album Zooropa. The question is, do you know which song?


It seems like we have been on a Nirvana kick lately.  Yesterday, in what may have been in bad taste,  a trailer for the movie Soaked in Bleach was released. The movie is a documentary, but with actors?? So I would not call it a documentary, but a fakeumentary.  I, like many others, do believe that Courtney Love had something to do with Kurt Cobain's death, but from watching the preview, it seems that whoever produced this is going to blow things out of proportion, to make Courtney Love look as guilty as possible. 


Not only are they doing this to make more money, but they are going to make all the people who believe that Courtney Love was responsible look even crazier.  

Judge for yourself, and let us know what you think.  

Nirvana - Something In the Way (song of the day)

20 Years ago today Kurt Cobain shuffled himself off this mortal coil.  It just seemed right to play a Nirvana song today.  The problem was which one.  The obvious choice would Smells like Teen Spirit or one of the "hits".  I thought I would go the other way and pick a song that sounded more personal to him.  So I choose Something in the way off the Nevermind album.  

I've seen a few interviews with Butch Vig the producer of Nevermind describing the recording of the album and specifically this song.  So if your interested see the video below

Save the Last Dance For Me by The Drifters

Todays song of the day is Save the Last Dance For Me, written by Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman. The song was made famous by The Drifters, back in 1960. Now here is why this is the song of the day.  The song was written at Doc Pomus wedding.  His wife was a famous Broadway singer and dancer. When they were married, Doc Pomus had Polio, and used a wheel chair to get around. The story has it, as Doc Pomus watched his new wife dance with person after person, he wrote down the lyrics that would become the song Save the Last Dance for Me. Knowing that it did not matter how many people she danced with, at the end of it all, she would be with him. 

Nude by Radiohead (song of the day)

Todays song of the day is Nude by Radiohead.  This is one of my favorite Radiohead songs.  It was released in March 2008, on the album In Rainbows.  This album was the first album to be released by a major artist, with a pay what you want model.  Radiohead set up a website, and let their fans decide how much to pay for the album.  It was extremely successful.  However, that is not the cool thing about this song.  The song has actually been floating around since 1997, it was written during the OK Computer days. It however never made it on the album. Instead it was played live, and was called Big Idea, because the band really did not have a name for it. It was taken from the opening line of the song “Don’t get any big ideas” You can also hear the song on the video Meeting People is Easy, which documents the bands OK Computer Tour.

Here is an early version of the song. (on a side note, if you are like MJ, you may not want to watch this.)

In April of 2008, this single became the second biggest hit in Radioheads career, after Creep.

Another fun fact: Radiohead has several other songs that have never been officially recorded or released, but played live often, including True Love Waits, which does make an appearance on the live album I Might Be Wrong. 

Time Jesum Transeuntum Et Non Riverentum by Nick Cave and the Dirty Three (song of the day)

Todays song of the day is 'Time Jesum Transeuntum Et Non Riverentum' by Nick Cave and the Dirty Three.  Here is the thing about this song that I love. I owned the CD it was released on, The X-Files: The Songs in the Key of X, but did not know this song existed until a month later when I was reading an issue of AP. But before we get into that, I should also like to point out that, in the liner notes, "Nick Cave and the Dirty Three would like you to know that "0" is also a number".  I had read this but had no idea what it meant, if it meant anything at all.

As I read the issue of AP, it talked about Nick Cave, and the Dirty Three having secret songs. I was thinking they were crazy; I checked the end of the CD (where secret songs where usually hiding) and there was nothing there.  According to the article, the secret songs could only be found on certain CD players, CD players that allowed you to “rewind” CD’s.  So this is how it worked.  You put the CD in, and then you held the back button. On my CD player, you could actually see the minute button going into the negative.  You could also here the garbled sound of a song, then a brief silent part, then garbled sound. Now here is the kicker that always frustrated me. If you held the button down too long, the CD would go back to track 1, and you would have to start the whole process over again.  Eventually I got to where I could rewind the CD without issue.

The first garbled sound (sounds a lot different when played normally) was a remix of the X-files theme

Which now brings us to the song of the day

Besides having 2 secret songs on this CD, Nick Cave and the Seeds song, Red Right Hand, also appeared on the album. It was also the first mainstream song to appear on the X-files. But we will save that for another day.